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Does Your Business Need A Corporate Lawyer?

You Have Plans Incorporating Your Business

With our knowledge and deep understanding of Stony Plain corporate law, we can review your business plans and advise whether you should go with sole-proprietorship, a partnership, a corporation, or a cooperative, and ensure you meet all requirements and qualifications to start your business.

You Need a Second Opinion Regarding a Shareholder Agreement

We can help you understand all terms and conditions in a shareholder agreement, advise you of any risks, and ensure you fully understand the implications and consequences before making your next move.

It’s Your First Time Filing an Annual Return

We can guide you through the filing process, help you understand the legal requirements of filing an annual return, and file it for you so you can be well-equipped for the incoming year.

The Corporation Is Undergoing a Change

With years of experience with corporate law, we can draft the legal requirements and ensure the corporation's legal documents are signed, filed, and maintained in the minute books.

Corporate Lawyer’s Fee in Alberta

A corporate lawyer’s fee can fluctuate, depending on the case’s nature and complexity.

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We believe legal help should be accessible to anyone and everyone, so we do our best to offer extensive and affordable legal services to everyone and anyone in Stony Plain and the surrounding communities.

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