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First-time homebuyer or an experienced investor? Our dedicated team of legal experts will guide you through every step of the process.

We understand the complexities of real estate law, and we’ll work tirelessly to deliver a smooth transaction every time.

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Real Estate Lien Litigation

Do you need help in real estate litigation?

We can be your partner in finding the best solution for you.
Whether you're looking to protect your property rights or resolve a dispute with a lienholder, our team of legal experts has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve success.

Real Estate Property Division

Do you need help dividing real estate assets?

Our team will work with you to find a fair and equitable property division solution that meets your needs. The legal complexities of real estate property division can be challenging, but our team has the expertise and support you need to navigate this process with ease.

Real Estate Disputes

Do you need help resolving a real estate dispute?

Whether it's a dispute over property lines, repairs and damages, zoning, responsibilities and duties, or property ownership, we are dedicated to working with our clients to find the best solution possible.

Real Estate Sales, Purchases, and Mortgages

Need help purchasing or selling your home?

Are you thinking of selling or purchasing real estate in Parkland County? We can help you from start to finish.
From creating a contract, explaining its terms and conditions, negotiating if we believe you can have a better deal, and processing documents, we will be there every step.

Real Estate Lawyer’s Fee in Alberta

A real estate lawyer’s fee depends on the property, transaction, and price of the estate you are purchasing or selling.

In Alberta, a real estate lawyer’s fee for purchasing a residential property can start anywhere from $850-$4,995, while the real estate lawyer’s fee for selling a residential property can start from $850-$1,975.

Other real-estate-related transactions like refinancing or transferring can start from $550-$2,800.

All government fees and other expenses are added to the fees to complete the Statement of Account.

Accessible and Affordable Legal Help in Parkland County

We believe legal help should be accessible to anyone and everyone, so we do our best to offer extensive and affordable legal services to everyone and anyone in Stony Plain and the surrounding communities.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      About Real Estate Law

      When should I seek legal advice from a real estate lawyer?

      Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or property, or need help resolving a real estate dispute, you should always speak with a real estate lawyer as soon as possible. A legal expert can help you navigate the complex legal and regulatory requirements of buying or selling a home, so you can be confident in your decision.

      What are the documents needed to offer a purchase in Alberta?

      Below is the information needed to offer a purchase in Alberta:

      1. The full names of the seller and buyer
      2. The legal and municipal title of the property
      3. The purchase price and inclusions of the sale
      4. Disclosures regarding the state of the property and warranties
      5. Timeline requirements of the offer to purchase
      6. Insurance coverage information
      7. Guidelines on how to handle a default
      8. Signature provisions for the seller, buyer, their witnesses, and the real estate agent
      9. GST and any other taxes

      What are the fees that apply when I purchase a property?

      Aside from legal fees for your real estate lawyer, here are some other fees that may apply:

      1. Title and fire insurance fees
      2. Bank or mortgage appraisal fees
      3. Building inspection fee
      4. Real property report fee
      5. Land Titles Office registration fee
      6. Tax adjustment, if applicable
      7. GST
      8. Acquisition fees of a new mortgage
      9. Interest charges, which are applicable if there is a delay between when you get your mortgage advance and when you need to make payment to the seller

      Can a buyer and a seller have the same real estate lawyer?

      Yes, a buyer and a seller can have the same real estate lawyer for a transaction as long as it is mutually agreed upon.