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The Benefits of Preparing a Will

Ensure Your Assets and Estate Will Be Distributed Accordingly

Ensure Your Assets and Estate Will Be Distributed Accordingly

Having a valid will can prevent court and government involvement regarding the distribution of your assets. It can also dictate how it will be distributed and protect the value of your estate.

Outline Powers of an Attorney or Executor

Outline Powers of an Attorney or Executor

Having an attorney or executor carry out your will will prevent unnecessary government involvement and ensure that your wishes will be carried out.

Speed up Legal Processing

Speed up Legal Processing

Having a valid will can speed up the distribution of your assets and protect the value of your estate and savings. It is less costly compared to not having a will prepared at all.

What Should You Include In A Will?

An Executor

An executor is someone you trust to execute your will according to your wishes. This will prevent court involvement and ensure your estate and assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Beneficiaries and Specific Gifts

Deciding the people who will receive your estate and assets and how they will be distributed among them will prevent government involvement when executing your will.

A Guardian for Dependents and Pets

Designating a guardian to legally, morally, and financially care for your children and pets will prevent unnecessary court involvement and stress on your loved ones' lives.

Funeral and Burial Wishes

If you have a specific funeral and burial wish, stating it in your will can help your loved ones have peace of mind when laying you to rest.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      About Wills & Estates Law

      How much does it cost to make a will?

      The legal fees for creating a will in Alberta range from $450-$1,500. Additional fees may also apply if you would like to update your will.

      Do I need a lawyer to make my will?

      You do not need a lawyer to make your will. However, having a lawyer create your will can be beneficial if you have a complex estate or would like to add special clauses to your will. Having a lawyer prepare and execute your will with you also insures its legitimacy.

      What other fees apply to making a will?

      It is sometimes required that one of the witnesses to a formal Will provide an Affidavit of Witness in the prescribed form and there may be a minor cost to obtain this document.

      Do I have to notarize my will?

      A will does not have to be legal or notarized to be executed. However, if it requires probate, you will be asked to provide an affidavit of witness.

      What happens if you don’t prepare a will?

      If you do not prepare a will in advance, the government will decide how to distribute your estates, assets, and debts and who your appointed executor will be according to provincial laws.

      In Alberta, the government uses the Wills and Succession Act, which means your spouse, children, parents, siblings, and nieces and nephews will inherit your estate and assets in that order of succession. Their share will depend on their relationship and if they are still living.